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over 7 years ago

Leanne Pittsford, one of our judges, wants to see what you're building!

Hi, I’m Leanne Pittsford, and I’m one of the judges for ObjectRocket by Rackspace’s Hack the Block!

I founded Lesbians Who Tech, the global community of 10,000 queer women in tech, and I’m launching a new company called Code/UP, a new platform for software developers of all levels to showcase their skills. Previously, I led Start Somewhere, a design and technology agency focused on helping social good organizations. During my time there, I launched Social Good Tech Week and Lean Impact, which helps social good organizations use lean startup principles. Before starting my own company, I was the senior director at Equality California, the largest statewide LGBTQ organization in the U.S., where I worked on the “No on Prop 8” campaign.

I believe that Hack the Block is not only starting an important conversation about local community improvements; it’s also providing an effective and productive way for those interested in making a difference to get involved. How many times have we been in a situation where we thought something more could be done -- for example, cleaning up a local park, getting a library put into a district in need, helping with the homeless? Hack the Block is putting valuable resources into the hands of those who are most deserving -- those who want to make a difference in their communities. Think about how much good can come from local activists (and technologists) ready to make a change!

I think Hack the Block is going to be a vital conduit for some big improvements in local cities and beyond. I look forward to seeing your excellent work!